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5 Reasons to Outsource Your Content Marketing

Posted by Andy McClure on Jun 18, 2017 6:16:55 PM

As they say, “content is king” when it comes to successful marketing in this day and age. But what a hassle it is to chase your staff around to create “content” every month! Does it feel like a fruitless effort at times? It can be extra hard because your team will often have justifiable excuses like urgent projects that directly affect clients or prospective clients.

It’s tempting to just shift content marketing to the back burner, again. Then you remember the number of times you go to the web on a given day, looking for answers, guidance, ideas and solutions. You often read blog posts, skim ebooks, watch tutorial videos... AND you know your ideal prospects are doing the same thing.

So you go back to your team and emphasize how important it is to write the blog post they’ve promised or (finally) contribute their two pages to the whitepaper that’s been “in the works” for almost a year now.

You know it’s important, but it continues to be a struggle to make it happen.

If this sounds familiar, you are likely more frustrated than amused at this point. Do you long for the good old days when marketing wasn’t as much of an ongoing burden? You could have an annual conversation with the yellow page salesperson, update your collateral every few years, and otherwise invest in things that didn’t take a lot of your personal time to execute.

If you are looking to execute a consistent and productive content marketing strategy, but are frustrated with how it’s been going so far, then you may want to consider outsourcing it.

Why outsource your content marketing?

Reason #1: Consistency matters. The experts agree that Google (and other search engines of course) will give preference to sites where new content is published on a regular basis. Just as importantly, your visitors will like it too. Even when a visitor finds an old post, he or she will be much more likely to view your company as a “contender” for their business if they see that your site also has current, relevant posts. Few things are more of a turnoff to visitors than blogs and “news” sections where the most recent items are several years old.

By outsourcing your marketing you can hold that firm accountable to developing new material for your website on a regular basis.

Reason #2: Quality matters. Not all content is created equal. If you don’t have writers on your team, it will be hard to get quality content produced on a regular basis. What makes this task even trickier is that, once again, material needs to be developed for two audiences -- search engines and the real live people who will visit your site and (you hope) read, listen to, watch and share what is there.

By outsourcing to a firm experienced with content marketing, you will enjoy more of the right kinds of visitors, greater engagement, more leads, and higher revenue.

Reason #3: Your team will be more productive. Organizations that encourage people to contribute based upon their strengths end up having happier and more productive employees. If they don’t enjoy writing or find it to be a distraction, their energy to create a greater impact elsewhere is diminished.

By outsourcing your marketing, your team will be more productive in other critical areas of your business.

Reason #4: You’ll learn more about the results. Good content marketers are able to measure how well the investments are working. More than just tracking website visitors, email open rate and leads generated, professional content marketers know how to leverage tools and interpret the results in order to continually improve their effort. Just like any other strategy, content marketing should have a demonstrable return on investment.

By outsourcing your marketing, you will get more information about how well your content marketing strategy is working!

Reason #5: It will be easier to “right size” the investment relative to results. When you invest in a content marketing effort with an experienced marketing firm, they will offer multiple levels or customize a solution to your budget. This flexibility is something you can’t always create when you’re depending upon your own team to create and manage content. When it’s time to ramp up, the capacity may not be there. When it’s time to scale back, you may have people twiddling their thumbs!

By outsourcing your marketing, you will be able to more easily scale it up or scale it back to suit your marketing objectives.

If you’re nervous about outsourcing or were burned a few years ago by SEO work that did more harm than good, it’s important to know that there are good options out there. Time and time again, Google has demonstrated that there is no (long-lasting) shortcut to attracting more visitors to your website.

Many marketing agencies specializing in content marketing or inbound marketing not only understand what it takes to transform your online presence into a sustainable stream of new opportunities and clients, they know how to collaborate with you and your team. When you work with the right firm, they will allow you to focus on your business while still acquiring the insight they need to produce compelling material that represents your company well.

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