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Get Your Words To Speak Louder Than Your Actions

Posted by Andy McClure on Aug 4, 2017 12:42:00 PM

As promised here is the first of my three part marketing tune up!

I am sure you are familiar with the saying “actions speak louder than words.” I’m all for action -- in marketing you certainly can’t get results without taking action. But when the action is happening, and the results aren’t, it’s the words that need your attention.

When I meet a new client, more often than not, they are frustrated. They are taking action, going through the motions of marketing, but not seeing the results that they want, need, or expect. Typically, the concern is that they’re not doing enough, or aren’t doing the right things. The focus is on the action.

I understand why it’s easy to think that more effort, new venues, or different tactics will yield better results. Especially with the explosion of digital techniques and opportunities in recent years, fear of missing out (FOMO if you’re under 30) takes hold, and your shortcut-seeking brain tries to convince you that stopping tactic A and trying this new tactic B, or social media site Q, will make all the difference.

When there weren’t as many options for marketing your business, the temptation to jump from one tactic to another was minimal. So just a few years ago, business owners found it easier to focus on creating more attention-grabbing, inviting and compelling marketing messages.

The words got more attention, the actions were given.

If you’re frustrated about the results you’re getting from your marketing efforts, take some time as summer winds down to improve the effectiveness of your message -- the words. This is the fastest path to better results.

I have to be honest, it takes some work (thinking work mostly). But what would it be worth to you to start getting more leads and clients from your existing efforts?

There are 5 steps to creating a more effective message, and exactly how to do it is spelled out here “How to Create Irresistible Marketing Messages

Wondering if my advice is worth your time and will get results?  Here is what one widely-recognized marketing expert had to say.

"Andy's advice about marketing messaging in this report is spot on. I highly recommend you read this carefully and follow his advice." Robert Middleton, Action Plan Marketing

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