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Eliminate the ROI Killers in Your Marketing

Posted by Andy McClure on Aug 25, 2017 8:00:00 AM

How many times in your career as a consumer have you inquired about a product or a service only to have the provider drop the ball somewhere along the way? You fill out a web form, leave a voicemail, send an email, return a postcard -- you give a clear indication that you are in the market -- only to hear nothing, or get a simple thank you message on the website or in email that “someone” will be contacting you soon… and they don’t.

If you’re like most, you can easily recall at least a few of these instances and are pretty sure it’s happened additional times that you’ve chosen to forget.

It might be a little harder to count the times you’ve been on the other end, failing to deliver a smooth experience for a prospect. This is hard to count because those people almost never tell you. They just go away

Gaps in your marketing flow are little “return-on-investment killers.” They come in all shapes and sizes -- from the print advertisement with no phone number, to that follow up message that goes to the prospect then dutifully notifies the email address you stopped using months ago. Oops.

This final tip in my 3-part series is designed to shore up your prospect’s experience by simplifying what elements you need to have. As we reviewed in the 2nd tip, you have blind spots in your marketing flow. You may now be feeling like you have more blind spots than not -- which can be paralyzing.

Use the rule of 6 ones to resist paralysis, focus your effort, and provide a sound prospect experience for your primary marketing strategy. The “Six Ones” are:

  1. One target audience
  2. One product or service
  3. One marketing strategy
  4. One compelling message
  5. One engagement strategy
  6. One follow-up plan

By focusing on one audience, one service, and one element across each of the phases of the funnel, you’ll be able to create a smooth experience that will cause your prospect to be more likely to buy.

If you’re reading this and it all makes sense, but you’re not sure how to apply it to your business, that’s understandable. We’ve all been operating a certain way, and are not really even aware of the things we could or should be doing, but aren’t.

For most of us, outside help to improve how we attract and retain the right clients is essential. I’ve been in business now for several years, and have had very few gaps where I wasn’t in a coaching program or working with a mentor on how I market my services -- and marketing is my line of work!

If you’d like a more consistent flow of clients for your business, apply for a Marketing Strategy Session. This is a no-obligation consultation where I will help you get clear on the most important next steps for your marketing success and we can determine if your business is a good candidate for a Revenue Renovation.

This post is the last in my 3-part series to help you head into the critical fall season ready to attract more clients, revenue and profits. Those posts again:

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  2. Address Your Marketing Blind Spots
  3. and this one -- Eliminate the ROI Killers in Your Marketing

If you didn’t catch the earlier ones, go back and check those out, be sure to use the worksheet in the 2nd post to identify your marketing blind spots. and...

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