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Inbound Marketing Leads to Inbound Communication. Is Your Business Ready?

Posted by Andy McClure on Aug 30, 2016 11:07:11 AM

It’s nine oh six Monday morning. Out of the complex, crowded buzz of internet traffic your Inbound Marketing Leads System successfully attracts a visitor.

Let’s set aside the “him/ her” construct and call the visitor a “she.”

How does her experience with your company go?

Searching to solve a problem or answer a question she lands on your site because she senses you might just hold the answer she needs. But with the world of digital access at her fingertips she is not going to wait long for that answer. As soon as she requested that free report or hit the “contact me” button, the clock started clicking.

How are your systems, processes and team structured to quickly tell her she’s landed at the right place and that you are going to get her to the right gate? Swiftly! And keep in mind, your next lead may already be on the glide path following her.

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You already have an Inbound Marketing Plan. You probably have a response system in place. Consider these tips toward energizing the plan:

Set the Tone for All Responses:
You want to respond right away to the query. Set the tone for that initial response and every subsequent response. It’s not unlike your phone service. You don’t want a voice barking, “HE’S NOT HERE. CALL BACK LATER.” Your responses should be concise, coherent and considerate. Nobody gets bad points for being nice.

 Automatic Responses:
Your site might have an automatic response, e.g. a response for a resource you have offered. That’s good. But, remember to “set the tone.” Make sure the “automated” sounds “personal.” Here’s an example. “We’re happy to send along our, ‘Tips on Strategic Pricing.’ It’s just one of our catalog of marketing position papers. You obviously are sensitive to the importance of pricing and we would love an opportunity to hear your thoughts on the subject. May we schedule a follow-up conversation?”

About that Contact Form:
Your website probably features a contact form? Does it work? Have you incorporated into the form clues that will reveal either directly or indirectly what it is your visitor needs? Does the form ask what led the visitor to your site? Does the form indicate the visitor’s job title?

Establish a Communications Center:
Designate a staff or, depending on your size, a person to become your Communication Center. Their charge is to monitor inbound communication. If that individual is equipped to answer the query, terrific. But if not, they should know who can answer it and how to get that person on it.

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Set a Quick Pace:
Don’t forget our lead. She’s waiting at the gate. Your Comm Center is getting her query into the right hands. What do they do in the meantime? The Comm Center should connect with her on email right away. Ensure her that she’s arrived at the right place. Show interest in her issue. Inform her that the issue is in the hands of an expert. And if possible give her an idea of how soon your company will be back to her. If that’s not possible Comm Center should advise her that they will follow up with a schedule. You have probably reminded them but remind them again, don’t promise a time or date on which you can’t deliver.

If what we have described above already fits your experience with Inbound Marketing, you’re in good shape. You have pulled strangers to your site and turned them into leads.

Now you need to sharpen your outbound communication to turn your leads into customers and even promoters of your business.

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